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Our team reviews your current email marketing campaigns and sending strategies and returns a detailed, objective assessment of your sending reputation. Our service is designed for the marketer looking to improve their inbox delivery, increase engagement, and increase the rate of return on their marketing spend.

Email Marketing Performance Assessment

Our industry leading assessment reviews all the necessary factors to identify problems and improve your inbox performance.
Better performance means higher ROI

Domain & Website Reputation

The reputation of your website is an important preliminary factor that determines if your emails reach their intended inbox. Our assessment uses a number of methods to determine your reputation, including seed testing. The assessment includes solutions for improving the reputations of your website and sending domain.

Sending Infrastructure & Authentication

Do you know if your emails are sent from a server that also sends out unsolicited email? If you’re on a shared server, your reputation may be hurt by other senders with poor sending practices. Additionally, we’ll check to see if you have the proper authentication protocols established. These protocols include, reverse Domain Name System (rDNS), Domain Keys Identified Mail (DKIM), Sender Policy Framework (SPF) and your sending IP Addresses. Our assessment gives you solutions to protect your domain and improve your reputation.

Content Review & Inbox Performance

Even if your server and domains are optimal, the content in your messages can sometimes be problematic and prevent correct inbox delivery. During the assessment, we review your email messages for content that can be misidentified and also review how well your emails reach the inbox across multiple email clients. This review not only includes the main content of the email, we also look at your subject lines and your “friendly-from” address. Following the best practices for your subject lines and your “mailfrom” and “replyto” addresses insures your email reach their intended recipient and encourages them to engage with your message.

Emails That Make The Grade

We offer a variety of assessment packages to fit your specific needs and budget.

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Introductory Assessment

Our introductory assessment includes our email performance score card. This score card gives you a letter grade for your email campaign’s performance in key categories that affect inbox placement.

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Standard Assessment

Our standard audit takes the assessment a step further with our Executive Campaign Summary Report. This report features a complete summary of your email campaign performance with recommendations on how to increase your rate of return. We’ve even included a phone consultation with one of our Delivery Specialists to create an action plan towards improving your results.

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In-Depth Assessment

Our in-depth audit takes the assessment even further with increased details on your email campaign’s performance. This package also includes four hours of deep-dive consultation with our email delivery experts to boost every aspect of your email campaign, including reviewing the content of up to five mailings. Customers who purchase this option also receive discounts on future Net Atlantic services.

Our Solutions


Our assessments are designed to give you the information you need at a price that fits your budget.

  • Introductory
  • $0

    ($75 Value)

  • Email Performance Score Card

  • Standard
  • $297

    ($499 Value)

  • All of introductory Plus:
    Executive Summary Report
    Personalized Seed Testing
    30-Minute Phone Consultation

  • In-Depth
  • $997

    ($1,799 Value)

  • All of Standard plus:
    In-depth 4 hours of consultation
    Detailed performance analysis
    Detailed email content review

Our Clients See Results

We offer a variety of assessment packages to fit your specific needs and budget.


Average inbox delivery


Avg. Inbox Delivery Improvement


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Average increase in ROI

"Before I connected with Net Atlantic, my best inbox delivery was 45%. Through Net Atlantic, my first campaign reached 97% inbox delivery. Additionally, I saw a TENFOLD increase in closed contracts from the previous campaign."

Larry Usner – CEO, Radio Forecast Network

"I had a problem and Inbox Experts solved it quickly and efficiently. They gave me a simple solution with a low learning curve that allows me, in minimal time, to maintain client contact and acquire new clients."

Jeff Blackman – President, Business Growth Specialists